Contract cleaning

Especially in the automotive, telecommunications and aerospace industries, the cleaning of circuit boards is essential due to the high complexity of the modules. Failure of a technical assembly due to contamination could have devastating consequences in these areas. Constant contract cleaning thus plays an important role in the functionality.

Particularly prior to potting or coating the assembly, cleaning is important to prevent delamination. In order to offer you the best service, we do not only clean PCBs with our internal orders. You can also wash your boards with us.

Your contract cleaning at CAD Service B&H

We offer you a cleaning program that is perfectly matched to your components. Our systems are suitable for both lead-bearing and lead-free assemblies. We can tailor our processes individually from ultra-fine conductors to power electronics according to your needs. Thus we guarantee our customers a competent all-round service in all matters.

All cleaning media in use are fully compliant with REACH, RoHS I& II / WEEE, SIN & SVCH as well as GHS/CLP, and meet the highest requirements for environmental friendliness and work safety. Furthermore, all cleaning work is carried out in an antistatic environment.

Contact CAD Service B&H in Allershausen near Munich if you are looking for a competent partner for the cleaning of your components.