CAD PCB-layouts

CAD Service B&H is your competent partner in the production of professional circuit board layouts. For more than 30 year we have been successfully assisting our customers in the implementation of their circuit designs. The use of state-of-the-art CAD design-tools and the long-term know-how of our employees enable first-class quality in PCB layout extraction.

PCB-layout Munich

Only a comprehensive planning phase can prevent later difficulties in the manufacturing process. Thus our competencies in the field of PCB design can be stated as follows:

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Selection of the most appropriate PCB-technology with a suitable layer structure
  • Accurate calculation of characteristic impedances
  • Production-oriented PCB-design

Additionally, CAD Service B&H offers PCB layouts in all techniques (conventional SMD and mixing technology with two-sided placement). For BGAs we also manufacture in Micovia and Buried Via technology. The documentation takes place according to customer-specific or internal standards.

PCB-layouts Munich: A consistent system from the circuit diagram to the production:

  • Machine-created, standards-based manufacturing documents
  • Documentation
  •     Data-output for photo-plotting, drilling program, and assembling
  • Production data for in-circuit testadapter
  •     Import and export of external formats

We utilize the following EDA-systems for the manufacturing of our circuit board designs:

  •     CADENCE – Allegro PCB Designer
  •     MENTOR Graphics Expedition – Viewer for Mentor Expedition
  • Altium-Designer
  •     SI9000e Field Solver+Speedstack from POLAR for the calculation of the characteristic impedance for controlled impedance PCBs

Design converter

In our production facility in Allershausen near Munich, we also have the capabilities to convert various CAD data into the Mentor Expedition PCB format. In this way, your verified housing designs can be transferred to Mentor Expedition for further processing.

Special service for our clients

We also manufacture printed circuit board designs on our customers’ premises. If needed, we will bring along our own tools and equipment.
For your customized solution regarding the layout of PCBs please feel free to contact us at any time.