Hardly any electronic device works without a sophisticated circuit system. In order to be able to coordinate such a system, a printed circuit board is usually essential. CAD Service B&H offers the complete service for the reliable and timely production as well as the cleaning of your assemblies. We obtain our PCBs exclusively from reputable and well-known manufacturers at home and abroad.

Various options are available for implementing and designing your circuit boards:

  • Multilayer / Microvia / Buried-Via / Flex-Starrflex
  • Fine board technology
  • Controlled impedance boards (with optimization of parameter)
  • Surface finishing (all surface and processing technologies, e.g. Au, Ni/Au, or gold bond possible)
  • Advantageous milling panels
  • PCB-manufacturing with fast treatment

Which circuit board is most suitable for your project depends on the desired technology, quantity, and delivery time. CAD Service B&H finds the partner who will fulfill your wishes in the most efficient and appropriate way.

This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies during the production of your board; always aware that you will receive a timely delivery in the best quality from us.

PCB-manufacturing Munich at CAD Service B&H

We are committed to providing you with high-quality circuit boards at attractive prices. The quality and functionality is our priority. With us, you can order boards in all current designs and materials, and in any desired quantity.

Trust in the promising expertise of CAD Service B&H in Allershausen near Munich with the manufacturing of your printed circuit boards.